Where to from here?

Yeah, okay, so that sounds a bit philosophical – it’s not meant to be, it’s too early in the morning to think too deep about stuffs … but well, life changes and everything stays the same.

I ended up not whingeing about the election some more because … who the hell wants to get bogged down in stuff when the population at large doesn’t really want to know?  I mean there’s stuff that needs serious attention and you have to pick your battles.  So even though there is a reason I was upset, in the interests of not getting sued for defamation I’ve decided to let it go for now.  Mind you, I really do want to post the links so everybody gets the full story – but there’s that defamation thingy –  FML*  Free speech, it turns out, is not free.

No idea what happens now about the Royal Commission into banks – more suck it and see I suppose?

Then I’m really sad because on the week-end my cat died … gee that sounds so trite but he was a bloody special cat.  He was born under my office desk 17 odd years ago – I was there when he took his first breath and I was there when he took his last.  He’s been my shadow since we left the farm and I’m pretty sure he would have been a fine lawyer because he’s pretty much had to listen to every lecture and had attended every tutorial with me.  It might take a long time for me to stop looking at his empty spot next to my chair Crying face.   But life goes on.

I’m back at study – the final semester and it’s going to be busy – yes, and I’ve got my honours paper to write – go me? Yay me Smile with tongue out.

I’m also looking for a job – I’ve been applying for most graduate positions coming up but so far no luck.  Oh well, plenty of time … but here’s the song I’d like to add to every job application … because, you know, I (like everybody else) can twist myself into anything I need to be

Gotta love ya and leave ya … readings must be read before lectures and all that Smile with tongue out

Take care out there


Lady Rosie

*if you’re unfamiliar with some text speak that one is Fuck My Life

The election and the fake tradie

A couple of weeks ago I met with Tony Abbott and Andrew Hastie and discussed the need for a Royal Commission into bank malpractice with them.  Whilst Andrew assured me that as my representative in Parliament that he would look after me Tony was not supportive of said Royal Commission.  I don’t often nail my political views to the mast post but I have previously been a paid-up member of the Liberal Party – and this year there is no way on earth I want to vote for them.  In my opinion the Liberal Party has totally lost its way and only has one type of constituent – the corporates and their rich owners.  Yes I know that this is not inclusive of all rich people but I wouldn’t want to drop any names at all Clive Palmer Smile with tongue out.  I’ll deal with my political ideals later – but first let me say I finally saw the #FakeTradie* ad and I’m mightily pissed off.

Here’s why:  The very FIRST thing the #FakeTradie said is this “Let me get this right, Mr Shorten wants to go to war with my bank” …  say what?  The first thing the Liberal Party wants the ‘average’ tradie to align with is the idea that the banks are so good that talking about a Royal Commission into banks is akin to declaring a WAR on banks?

The guy might be a real tradie but that does not in any way, shape or form make him an authority on bank malpractice.  If this guy had half a clue about what the banks really get up to he wouldn’t have included a ‘keep your hands off my bank’ statement in his lil speech.  If he knew that the reason there are calls for said RC is because of the many  scams the banks have found to part their customers from their assets (including the investment properties held by many average tradies just trying to get ahead in life) then maybe he wouldn’t have supported the banks.  Maybe he would have supported the call to protect his own assets from his bank.

But he doesn’t understand what the real issues are, because until you’ve been done over you really do believe that our banks are super regulated and squeaky clean.  Why wouldn’t you?  After all, that’s what everybody is told all the time.  Or at least that was true until the banks pissed off the wrong guy** and since then certain sections of the MSM have been all over it with more than one reporter delving into the underbelly of banksterland.

There is this idea that a Royal Commission will destroy the banks and throw us into financial ruin – piffle – we do not want to destroy the banks, the only thing we want is for our banks to stop robbing their own customers – end of story, we want them to follow the law (you know, the Acts that cover banks and their actions).  Today the banks are above the law – this is not right – according to the rule of law nobody is above the law; it’s time to hold the banks accountable for the actions of their staff – and if a Royal Commission is the only thing that will enlighten the general public about the extent of the problems and the network of support that enables these frauds then we must have a Royal Commission.

Self-regulation obviously isn’t working since, well, erm, the banks are still misbehaving and saying in court ‘the bank was a victim of its own employee’ FFS – doesn’t that tell you all you need to know people?  This is not a defence – this is an admission!

You don’t have to look too far to see the total cost to the Australian economy every single year from the devastating effects of the various financial frauds.  We are now talking in the billions.  The survivors of bank fraud often find themselves incapacitated and on welfare.   It takes years to recover financially – and many either don’t have the years or the energy to pick themselves up and start again.  I wonder what the suicide statistics are – is someone keeping a tally at all?

No, I don’t think “I’ll just see it through and stick with the current mob for a while” – my husband and I are still trying to recover financially from our own experience with the whole bank malpractice thing so the last thing I want is some bankster running the country for the banks – there, I’ve said it, and yes, I’d vote Liberal if it was anybody but Malcolm Turnbull – because, you know, bank malpractice needs exposing.

You’d think that since Mr Shorten has said he’ll hold a Royal Commission into banks that I’d be a flag-waving Labor supporter this election.  … you’d be wrong Sad smile.  I have spoken about my trust issues before right?  I don’t trust any politician to keep their election promises – too bad we can’t sue politicians who lie to get elected and then renege on their promises.  And yes, people have tried – so much for democracy and holding politicians accountable.  Apparently it’s enough for us to vote the bastards out at the next election.  Too bad that this election the field consists of people you don’t know, who will give their preferences to one of the majors despite you voting for the unknowns to keep the majors out of power and you know your vote is going to count for jack shit.  Oh sorry, is my cynicism showing?

So here’s my personal political ideology – not a single candidate for either the House of Representatives or the Senate seems to be able to convince me this is what they believe too.  Party politics is ruining Australia and it makes me sad beyond belief …

I’m not a full-on conservative as I have many socialist leanings – I’m more of a ‘no man/woman/child left behind’ type of girl.  As far as living in a great country is concerned I believe that there should be no real homelessness.  I have heard tales of people who choose to live this lifestyle – through my work I only meet those who live in cars and under bridges because they can’t afford the exorbitant rents and there is literally no government housing available.  The cost of living is far too high – how the hell people on social security survive is beyond me, I know most do not run heaters in winter because they can’t afford it even with the benefits cards – and our government is cutting social security while giving big business tax concessions … unbelievable (note I am taking great pains to not overuse profanity … it’s really, really hard though because I’m really, really erm, annoyed, yes, I’ll use the word annoyed).

I wonder who benefits from education?  We have laws that make it mandatory for kids to stay in school but the cost of education is so high many low-income families struggle to keep up.  Then there’s the changes to university fees and the massive cost, this in comparison to the sweet fuck all paid for degrees by the politicians that brought in these changes.  I may personally benefit from my studies but you know who else benefits from a highly educated population?  Business

What about all this fiddling with Medicare and this weird desire to make our health system resemble that of the US – I have no idea why any government would want to copy a system where average citizens can go bankrupt because of medical bills – and yes, there are people who go bankrupt wholly and solely because they cannot pay their hospital bills.  WTF kind of a system is that?  Isn’t a nation where you have fit and healthy people able to work a more productive one?  Where if you get sick you can get medical attention while the problem is small and curable?

What exactly is wrong with the idea that the government uses taxes to make sure there is enough funding to have well-run hospitals and enough employees to staff them?  If we’re forced to pay for private health insurance shouldn’t this insurance at least mostly pay for every type of medical intervention provided by medical practitioners (note this excludes the alternative medicines by implication – which is fine by me as long as we all get paid a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and can afford to go alternative if our heart so desires).

Speaking of wages – why do they want to keep cutting wages (think penalty rates atm, setting minimum wages etc) – has no-one thought that if you want to have a consumer economy you have to make sure your population can actually, you know, consume?  Who is going to buy all the stuff that is produced if all the companies keep cutting wages and exporting our jobs overseas?  The top 20% of income earners do not buy the bulk of the stuff.  I don’t get it – I know I’m dense but I really don’t get it.

We have companies spending big bucks convincing us to buy their shit but then they don’t pay their own workers enough money to buy any shit?  Everybody seems to think that if you’re working you can afford to spend – nothing could be further from the truth … once rent/mortgage costs are covered, utility bills taken care of and food put on the table – people really struggle (surprisingly even those with investment houses can struggle because they are working towards their future, not spending on frivolous entertainment today, this means less income for those in the business of providing entertainment … d’oh).

I’m convinced this is not a good system … and cynically I realise that man is the only living thing that has to pay to live on the planet … how did we get into this mess where you are essentially a slave paying to live on a planet where you have zero say about what happens to it?***

I’m also extremely cheesed off about the endless stabbing each other in the back and removing sitting Prime Ministers indulged in my the majors, so this is not helpful when deciding who to vote for.  The talk around said stabbings by the politicians who justify it is that Australians don’t vote for the PM but then in the same breath say that the PM was very unpopular so we had to get rid of him/her; I’m not sure they quite understand the implication of the illogical argument they’ve put forward.

Bad news Libs … I quite like Andrew Hastie but there is no way on earth he’s getting my vote – because a vote for him will make it likely that we get Malcolm Turnbull and I’m sorry – I don’t vote for backstabbers or ex bankers.  More importantly though, I will not vote for a party that has forgotten so many of the citizens.   I cannot risk more cuts to social security, health, higher education and an increasing burden of all the programs designed to support the big end of town at the expense of we the great unwashed.

If the mega conglomerates and the bigger corporations were made to pay their share of the taxes we could surely afford to look after our own?  I’d be happy to see all taxes slashed to 20% across the board – but only if every single company and taxpayer were made to actually, you know, pay it – no clawbacks on taxes, no tax returns, just straight up pay 20% on your income/profit and be done with it.  I know this would make accountants sad but I just want people to pay a fair rate of tax – all of them – and if corporations want to be treated as people so much they can pay their damned share of their taxes.  No favourite children …

By the same reasoning I cannot vote Labor since they’ve removed two PMs – and I’m not a full-on socialist either.  The State does not owe you a living, the best the State can do is make sure you have access to the best education and health system; and ensure that every citizen has access to housing.   But while you can lead a horse to water you can’t make it drink.

I don’t buy into the wholesale sharing economy paradigm.  You have to reward those who work hard – why should someone who works 12 hours a day have to support someone who through choice does not work?  Why should someone who spent 4 years getting a trade or 8 years studying at university get paid the same as someone who chose to stack shelves in a supermarket because this job required no expenditure of time, effort or money to get a qualification?

I’m super cheesed off about the notion that pensioners who built their home decades ago should now be forced to sell their home and live off the proceeds because house prices are so high.   These people did not scrimp and save all their lives and pay their taxes so that some have-not can turn around today and demand that all pensioners must now sell up so young people can get into housing (since house prices would still be high this wouldn’t be the result anyway, so it’s a bit of a red herring)

Pensioners did not drive up the property market, pensioners do not control wages and pensioners put in the hard yards when they were young to get to where they are today.  So I’m sorry, but no, this is communism disguised as God-knows what – probably some idjits idea of ‘fair’ – and no, it’s not fair.  This of-course leads into the comment by our illustrious leader that parents should buy a house for their children … because apparently all parents have the financial resources to do so and it’s just like buying your kid a lollypop doncha know?  This, this is exactly what should frighten the crap out of every Australian going into this election – our PM is so very out of touch, he has no idea what life is like on an average wage.

I could go on, but gee I think I’ve whinged enough for one day Winking smile.  I’ll leave you with this song to cheer you up a lil bit.  Next post I’ll have my whinge about the Senate candidates and how we really have no idea about who we can trust to be in it for us and who just wants to put their snout in the trough.  (no cynicism here whatsoever, none, nada, zilch, nix Smile with tongue out)

Take care out there in banksterland


Lady Rosie

* my husband was a tradie, just so’s you know, most of the people we know are tradies, and most of them only know about bank malpractice because I don’t shut up about it.

**this is not a gender thing – I use the word guy just because – I know,  my bad and all that – but let’s concentrate on the real issues and not whether I’m a bigoted idiot because I chose to use the word guy rather than person, human being, or any other gender neutral thingy to please people who don’t read my blog anyway.  And you will note that I spent more time writing this disclaimer than it would have taken me to change the freaking word because at this point it is still a free country and I can choose to use whatever word I want … again, my bad, so sad.

***you have no idea how hard it is knowing that you support the industries that by their very nature have a negative impact on our environment but are essential to our current lifestyle but you also know you have to force some corporations to engage in their business in the least environmentally destructive way possible.  It’s a tough gig juggling all the balls – and then you hear about corporations employing criminal means to get their own way and you just wish all the greedy fucks would fuck off Sad smile.

It’s hard having a healthy happy bubble when a part of you thinks hey, we’ve got over 6 billion people on this planet – surely no-one will worry if we shoot the mongrels who set out to destroy lives and kill the planet wholesale.  Then I remember civilised people don’t do that, and anyway, I’m still a peace, love and all that kinda girl.  But I’d like to see them all go to jail … hackers, pickpockets, corrupt politicians and the corporate cowboys who think it’s okay to destroy someone else’s patch of dirt because hey, it’s not in their backyard and won’t harm their kids or grandkids eh?

I actually want to work in mining and environmental law – for the miners.  I grew up with mining so perhaps that’s where my blinkered vision comes in?  My dad had a gold mine, and my husband has spent most of his adult life in mining.  And most mining companies do (or at least definitely used to) do the right thing and try their best to minimise damage to the surrounding environment.   I’d like to be a part of the solution.


(the edits were corrections of typos … sorry ’bout that – especially the ones I’ve missed)

Time is marching on

The title of the blog is somewhat inane; sorry about that, but there are so many different ideas for this post swirling in my brain I really can’t think of anything better … my bad wlEmoticon-surprisedsmile.png.

It seems unbelievable that another semester has come and gone and I find myself applying for graduate positions because, well, tis the season and come November I should be finished.  I still worry about exam results, I always worry about exam results!  I just couldn’t get my timing right in some of the exams and only managed to put dot points on one.  For another exam I managed to put an extra word for the next area I should have covered – I doubt the marker will pay any attention to it wlEmoticon-idontknowsmile.png.  Then there’s the horror of knowing what you need to cover and you get in the zone and totally forget to cover one aspect of the question … did I say I hate exams?  wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png

Mind you these were the three exams I had on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before my first-born’s wedding on the Saturday.  I think saying stress levels were somewhat high is an understatement.  By comparison the exam I had on the Tuesday after the wedding was a happy stroll through the park, with sunshine, flowers and a picnic by the lake with copious wine … it was pleasant, and dare I say it, fun … but I still hate exams.  And I want to send the markers lots of wine and chocolates to apologise for my handwriting.  I wasn’t even speed writing (this is probably the reason I ran out of time – I slowed down my writing so I wouldn’t be asked to type out my answers and having to re-live the horror hahaha wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout.png)

So I have a couple of weeks of light study (I’m doing a winter unit so no real holidays for me I’m afraid) and then it’s into the final stretch.  If you’d told me 10 years ago that the contract I was about to sign would end up with me studying law and setting my sights on being a lawyer I would have laughed at the absurdity.

If you’d told me 6 years ago that I’d be applying for graduate positions and employers look to your online presence to judge your job worthiness I a) would have laughed (why would I want to be a lawyer?) and b) it would still not have made a difference to my website and blogging.

You see, my blog will, in all likelihood (who am I kidding, this is a certainty) stop me from even being considered for an interview at numerous law firms.  I accept that, law firms have to put on a certain persona.  What does concern me though is this prevalent view that as a lawyer you suddenly cannot hold a firm position on anything and all your online ‘stuff’ must be professional at all times, it cannot be controversial and God help you if you ever challenge authority in any way.

Obviously this is a lot of bunk – the law is built on controversy and challenging authority – and wouldn’t the average punter prefer a lawyer who is passionate about whatever it is they’ve specialised in?  Wouldn’t the average punter who struggles to pay their legal fees prefer to be represented by someone who is prepared to stand up and say ‘this is what I believe’ – and then walk the walk.  But I guess this is where you have to be careful not to generalise too – we all need to watch our ps & qs online no matter what our profession, because we should be respectful of others and let’s face it, it wouldn’t hurt some to tone down the self-righteous rhetoric.  My complaint is that there is some push from some quarters that as a lawyer you should not voice any opinion whatsoever and you should not use Facebook at all because, you know, evil ….

But back to the average punter who, sadly, doesn’t get much of a look in at all wlEmoticon-surprisedsmile.png.  And this is where my cynicism shines … corporations and those who fervently believe in all things corporate would have you believe that to be employable you must abide by a certain set of standards and never veer from this tightly bound set of rules.  If some fragile flower gets offended by an employee’s comments on Facebook and then contacts the company to get the employee sacked then by all means, lets sack this person because we couldn’t possibly think that it’s okay to hold different points of view and we must pander to the easily offended.  The fact that the fragile flower is an aggressive writer of provocative comments and wants to punish those who don’t hold exactly the same view on whatever matter they use their soapbox for is irrelevant.

That’s what I find offensive and have noticed that some of these fragile flowers brag about getting strangers sacked for nothing more than holding a different view of the way the world should work.  And all to protect the image of a corporation that is most likely guilty of all sorts of misdemeanours that are probably worse than simply stating a personal belief.  So much for our rights to freedom of thought and expression.

It does kind of suck having a degree in Internet Communications and understanding the power of the troll – and then doing a law degree where everybody tells you you now have to keep schtumm because professionally it could be damaging.  It seems illogical to me …

Anyway, that’s only some of what has annoyed me these past few months – I might even make the time to blog about the election (WTF – I’ve never been in the position where I really do not want to vote because there really is no point – either way Australia loses big time – wlEmoticon-cryingface.png), or I might blog about the myriad other things occupying my mind.

But I will leave you with this song just because I can …’

Take care out there in banksterland,


Lady Rosie


The Royal Commission Saga

Yay – Labor wants a Royal Commission into banking.  I haven’t blogged about it mostly because I’m still elbow deep in assessments but mostly because the cynical part of me thinks … why now?  Of-course the logical answer to that is because it is politically expedient for Labor to now position itself as the champion of those of us who lost everything to fraud perpetrated by banks.  Too bad they didn’t call for a broad Royal Commission into the bank fraud when the ASIC report recommended it.  Apologies for calling foul on that one … but they had the opportunity a few inquiries ago and didn’t think it was necessary – the only thing that has actually changed is that now the media is finally on the bandwagon and Labor can see an opportunity to milk it for all its worth.

Yes, the cynicism runs high in this one … full to the scuppers I am Smile with tongue out

Also please pardon my cynicism that I still consider the installation of one Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP as Prime Minister of Australia as a coup d’état for the banks – what with him being a former banker and all that ….

I really want to believe that this wasn’t an abuse of our democratic system but fear that in the face of overwhelming evidence that the banks have been playing fast and loose with Australia’s legal system that only a true believer in banks could possibly think ASIC is up to the job.

Speaking of ASIC … I love the reporting on that body’s track record – it’s about time some skeletons were cleared out of that particular closet.

So, still not sure whether Labor is fair dinkum on the Royal Commission or if this is simply a stunt; or if the RC will be a broad enough one to make a difference.  Naturally I’m hoping this is one area where Labor is actually being honest.

By the way; I’m totally unimpressed by the Australian Bankers Association’s threat re RC.  I’m sorry but that is what it is – ‘we’re starting a campaign against the RC similar to the mining industry’s campaign against the mining tax’ (paraphrased obviously) and ‘they can’t afford to lose seats’.

Dear Mr Münchenberg – it’s time to pay the piper; stop bullying us.  Bank culture is greed above all and since you reside above the law I guess you think this stuff doesn’t matter.  Banks do not value their social license to operate – banks dream up endless scams to separate customers from their assets.  As far as I can tell the only contribution banks have made to the Australian economy is to put a whole lot of people on welfare after you’ve destroyed their livelihoods.*

But enough of that,  time to get my happy bubble on and say ‘yay, we’re going to have a Royal Commission into banks’ because I can’t see Liberals winning the next election unless the banksters have their hands on our votes …

That’s about all I want to say about this right now, when there’s a bit more to know I’ll no doubt post about it.  Have a great day Open-mouthed smile

And today’s song to cheer you up (or maybe not … depends on who you think might be left crying after this is done Smile with tongue out)


Lady Rosie xxx

*In the interests of fairness I do have to say that there are some great programs the banks pay for like NAB supporting SetUP and AddsUP (low interest loans).  But their good deeds should not give them a pass on destroying people’s lives because of their culture of greed; and lack of supervision of bank managers who play fast and loose with customer’s information.


Submission done, assignment time

Another Senate Inquiry* needs submissions and yup, mine is in , although it hasn’t been published yet.  Sadly I did not write an eloquent and well researched tome on why the government should tighten punishment for white collar criminals Sad smile because, to be honest, I don’t think they’ll act on this one either.  The thrust of my submission was that since victims of fraud perpetrated by bank employees cannot get anyone to either investigate their case or call it fraud the question of penalties doesn’t arise.  I went so far as to call bullshit on the Inquiry.  No doubt this does not further my cause but I am tired of the government not doing anything about this train wreck of a financial system …. le sigh Crying face

Anyway, who has time for that extraordinary waste of time when there are exciting assessments to work on?  It’s week three of the semester and I am knee deep in research for three of my assignments already.  So far I’m pretty keen on all the topics – and two of them intersect with my raison de le faire – as I am researching I find more damning information on bank fraud.  One question specifically deals with ASIC … jumping for joy anyone?  Don't tell anyone smile  No longer is my sideline something I have to put off during the semester as study has to take priority – oh no, this semester I get to indulge to my heart’s content.

I think we call this bliss? Smile with tongue out

Today I’m working on my Conveyancing assignment – and as always I tend to delve far too deep into a topic hahaha (yes, I am tragic Winking smile).  Anyway, my research led me astray somewhat (again Surprised smile) and I found myself reading Ninan v Judge Newnes & Judge Murphy.  The reason I started reading the case is because Justice Newnes heard our Stay of Execution and Appeal.  He is also the reason I kept fighting.  I would sit at the back of the court room during our hearings and he would look me straight in the eye and say that we would lose everything because the law couldn’t help us – but he suggested I sue the bank for damages.

I’m pretty sure judges are not in the habit of drumming up business for the courts (since the courts are already overstretched as is), and it turns out that the evidence against the bank was right there in the bank’s affidavit.   As you know we did end up suing the bank and we settled out of court.  And I’m still working on exposing the dodgy system that lets banks get away with fraud.

So I started reading Ninan and my other legal interest was peaked – Ninan was self-representing and from the judgment I gather that he is what  Rooke CJ has termed as an OPCA  (Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument) Litigant** – I could be wrong because I didn’t get to read the actual arguments put forward but this quote kind of put me on notice that perhaps he’d been coached by some “experts” Sad smile

8 The applicant supported the application for leave with an affidavit sworn by him on 27 February 2015. It is entitled ‘Killing justice in Australia by the Registrars & the Judges’, not perhaps the most promising start to an exercise in persuasion.


I also note McKechnie J has a sense of humour.   But despite thinking this is funny I also think it’s tragic.   I don’t know what Ninan’s story is, even if I read every judgment I know that I still won’t know the truth.  The problem with judgments is that the story doesn’t always get told.  What happened to us and what the court thinks happened are two different things – once your lawyer puts a story forward that’s the only story that matters.  The fact s/he may stuff up (on purpose or idiocy ) doesn’t make a difference – there’s no coming back from such epic failures and you can’t even sue the lawyer for negligence … go figure.***

Was there a legitimate legal claim Ninan missed because he diddn’t know the nuances of the law?  Was he led on a wild goose chase by someone who fervently believes the Freeman of the Land arguments?  What were the issues with the valuation? (this is how my rabbit hole adventure started – a legitimate line of research for my assignment).  Was there collusion between the banks and the valuers in the same fashion as the CBA/Bankwest customer take-down scenario?  As I write this I don’t know anything because I haven’t read everything there is to know

So many questions, so few answers.  But this is the reason I keep going – there are far too many people fighting the banks who have no clue as to how to get to the truth and how to fight back.  The disclaimer here is obviously that I also know that sometimes shit happens and life hands you lemons (the legitimate loan becomes unaffordable because your life circumstances change – not that there was bank fraud involved at the outset).  And yes, I know sometimes people lie to their banks about their income – I had someone confess that’s what they did well before our life went south and I got up close and personal with the bank in court.  (I doubt anyone would be so candid with me now, it’s human nature to paint yourself in the best light isn’t it?).

It’d be nice if some of the important information was available without the prohibitive costs attached … and it’s not like paying a professional fee guarantees professional service (apologies for my hard-earned cynicism Eye rolling smile).

Anyway, time to get back to the books … those essays still haven’t learned to write themselves – must be first class slackers if you ask me Smile with tongue out

But first let there be music ….

Take care out there


Lady Rosie


* Penalties for white collar crime

** see Meads v Meads (2012) ABQB 571

***see Evil and dumb: attack on Victoria’s lawyers and Advocates Immunity

the sad garden

Best laid plans and all that

Once upon a time I used to have a totally different set of priorities … making sure the cow was milked early, the animals were fed and had enough water, that the right vegies were planted at the right time.  Life had a rhythm decreed by nature and bookish things had to wait until all the real work was done.

These days I barely go out the door to look at my miniscule garden, I pay someone to mow the lawn and my participation in gardening has pretty much evolved into a survival of the fittest policy.  No time for delicate hothouse flowers here. Nerd smile Sometimes I remember to go out and water the pot plants that don’t get the benefit of the automatic reticulation … sometimes. Surprised smile

I promised myself that over the summer break I’d get into some sort of gardening routine, and definitely absolutely I was going to unpack those last few boxes (still packed from our move to Perth, we’ve moved again since and it’s getting somewhat embarrassing because, you know, I’m pretty sure some of the things I’ve been looking for are in those very boxes).

In a couple of weeks the new university year kicks off … and I’ve not done any of the mundane houseworky type thingies at all.  Instead I’ve read interesting case law (along the lines of Meads v Meads), been a social butterfly and generally tried to get rid of some bad habits (and not develop other bad habits – and that’s the thing isn’t it? Smile with tongue out)  I also managed to do two more units in the summer semester so now it’s 15 down and 9 to go …

Since I’ve gone back to studying I’ve managed to figure out where my weaknesses lie, sometimes I can see I’m doing something that is counterproductive which means I can do something about it.  While I’ve got my study routine relatively organised despite having to fit in with hubby’s changing roster I’m still not happy with my exam preparation and this semester that is likely to trip me up. Sad smile

You see, my son is getting married in June (OMG he was a baby just yesterday I don't know smile) and when I was asked about suitable dates I did mention that mid July would be pretty good because it should be outside of the critical exam period.  But as with all best laid plans they couldn’t get the church then and the only close enough date … turns out to be the Saturday smack bam in the middle of exams  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk.

Not only am I dealing with the shock that despite my tender years (and his) my baby is getting married, but now two major stresses are happening right alongside each other.  This will take a fair bit of organisation to avert a major meltdown.  Despite managing exams well in and of themselves there’s always that concern that the next exam might be the one that derails the plans … it’s happened to other students and it can happen to me.  And despite my nearest and dearest reassuring me that I’ve got this because I study hard – I have heard of top students failing subjects despite feeling confident they had it … never say never.  (but as the good book says – Don’t Panic Winking smile)

Maybe I should have taken up yoga over the summer break …

Oh well, it’s too late now, summer’s nearly over and I’m heading into my final year … here’s to motivation staying high, the brain not succumbing to brain fog and staying on top of all the little things that add up to be the.big.thing Winking smile.  Yes it’s the final countdown to part 1 of the big plan … and here I always thought I had no patience whatsoever Smile with tongue out

Here’s to making some sweet lemonade from all those lemons life keeps hurling at us Smile with tongue out


Lady Rosie


That time when the past comes back …

and bites you in the bum.  Yup, it’s been a fun couple of weeks again, just as well I accepted that some things were just never going to be easy again eh? Smile with tongue out  I follow one particular astrologer despite no longer buying into all of the New Age philosophies; this guy seems to know exactly what crapola is about to descend on me.  This does not make me trust the universe (trust is something I still have an awful relationship with … although I confess to practicing saying “trust me I’m a lawyer” in a trustworthy fashion Winking smile Surprised smile Just kidding).  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago this astrologer wrote that I would be in for a tough time emotionally from an unexpected quarter.  That’s what I read into the forecast and I thought puleeze, no way, there’s nothing happening, it’s January, nothing ever happens in January, the place is pretty much shut down until second week in February as everybody tries to get back into their slave mode.

But not only was my Dispute Resolution unit tougher emotionally than I thought it would be; I’d read all the required stuff* and knew a lot of bad feelings about our case would come up,  (I thought I was prepared); worse though, the week before I left for Darwin an aspect of our case reared its ugly head again and I had to decide whether I was going to deal with it or let it go.  Needless to say, by the time I finally walked into the moot court for the first day of the unit, with my head about to explode with my ‘maybe it would have been good to sleep last night’ headache, I was wondering if the coping mechanisms I’ve learned to ensure that I can deal with things professionally would actually hold up.

As far as learning goes I am pleased to report that I managed to learn stuff that wasn’t even in the curriculum Winking smile.  For instance I learned that when I’m dying a thousand deaths inside none of that has to affect what I do; I don’t have to react from my emotions – this one thing – for me this is the biggest.  I always wondered if I’d be able to stay in a room where every single one of my buttons gets pushed and all I want to do is find a quiet dark little corner and cry my eyes out.  You can’t imagine how awesome it feels to finally not be a slave to that particular survival instinct Smile with tongue out.

I also learned that professionals don’t always act professionally and their feelings get in the way, their buttons get pushed and then they might do something that is totally inappropriate.**  This is invaluable knowledge, knowing this means that I can stop worrying that I will be the only lawyer to have feelings that might one day get in the way – that coupled with the fact that my coping mechanisms did work makes me confident that as long as I remember that the little things will always trip me up I’m sure I’ll be able to stay professional.

There was this awkward moment where it was suggested that I have no clue about what it might possibly be like to lose your business, your home, your life’s savings …..


hear those crickets chirping?  Me not know that?  Me not understand the pain and suffering caused when a corporate bully plays hardball and your counsel is not helping you?  Dear friend, you have no idea how many demons I fought in that moment to remain seated and not get up and deck the person making that allegation – demons 0 Rosie 10000.   I also fought the urge to get up and shout that of all the people in that room I was probably the only one who had first-hand experience of the fallout from a bad outcome to negotiation and a bad court ruling. *** Every day I learn of new victims of the banksters, who have lost everything, I still hear of suicides because strong men can’t deal with the bullying anymore.  I know too well the demons individuals caught up in litigation fight every day just to stay alive, having to trust a system that isn’t worthy of the trust.  Hoping for an intervention that never comes, a Royal Commission that never quite gets called.

The comment was said in the context of a company that would be wound up if the negotiation failed so the person who shall remain nameless also said I had no idea about the impact on the employees.  These comments were so tragically  off the mark.   I’m about to head out to work where for a couple of hours I meet people from all walks of life who are in a dark place.   There is an assumption in Australia that only the pathetic end up on welfare, that only real idiots end up in financial strife and lose their homes because they can’t find a job.  I hate to burst their happy bubbles but I see far more highly educated people who find themselves on the scrapheap because of the downturn in mining than I do any stereotypical unemployed person.  As a matter of fact, the bulk of the people I see are not unemployed but underemployed.    It doesn’t help that our income is still derived from the mining industry and we always wonder if we’re next on the scrapheap.  I’ve learned to never say never.

Anyway, I’ve experienced a massive learning curve and now I can put one of my biggest concerns to rest – I can do this after all.  And there are a lot of options for developing professional skills where  I will be able to fill in any gaps well before I am left in charge of another individual’s life.  And that is worth knowing.

Apologies for ending this with my usual fighting song … but I’m still pretty pissed off with some stranger telling me I don’t understand – I’ll get over it; hopefully sooner rather than later.  And of-course I still have essays to write, and then a new semester to start, and then before I know it it’ll be Christmas again Smile with tongue out

Hope you have a great day,


Lady Rosie



*actually I read the whole text book but a notice was put up after I finished that we only needed to read some of the chapters … bugger

Edit ** a fair bit of time was spent on this during one lecture – so maybe this is a biggie with a few people and not just me?  I hope it’s not just me bahahahaha Smile with tongue out

*** although I do make allowance for the fact that perhaps the speaker got emotional because they too have suffered this great loss and their own demons came up and bit them on the bum … I have to allow for that possibility because it seemed a very, very visceral comment.  I know a lot of us walking wounded do sign up to do law degrees – apparently we’re gluttons for punishment.